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“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” O. Welles

I love food – I like eating it, making it, talking about it and checking out recipes. The only thing I don’t like much, is watching cooking shows. I love to experiment in the kitchen and come up with new recipes, and I’m passionate about reducing food waste and waste in general. So, I hope you’ll find my cooking and food posts useful and delicious!

Less waste cooking and kitchen tips


Recipe: Pear jam with bergamot
Pearfectly delicious!
Recipe: Macadamia crackers with calendula and thyme
Delicious, savoury and extra pretty!
Recipe: Stuffed squash with coconut and thyme
Summer vibes!
Recipe: Cranberry frozen yoghurt
No need for an ice cream maker!
Recipe: Lavender white chocolate loaf cake
Fluffy and floral!
Recipe: Extra colourful potato salad
My take on potato salad.
Recipe: Frtalja with garlic and dandelion greens
Hello spring!
Recipe: Kimchi pork burgers with garlic mayonnaise
Kimchi + pork + garlic mayo = a burger love story.
Recipes: My take on jota and segedin (Slovenian winter classics)
My take on recipes for two Slovenian winter classics.
Recipe: Kale soup for veggie days
My go to soup for light, veggie days when you need a break from …
Recipe: Rum pot (rum pickled fruit)
The perfect and super easy Christmas gift.
Recipe: Vanilla cardamom mini muffins
Mini muffins – so much better and more ridiculous than regular muffins!
Recipe: Oat pudding cake with pears
This is what happens when I'm out of rice.
Recipe: What the heck do you do with quince?
Quince, the bizarre autumn fruit favourite of the Romans.
Recipe: Root vegetable risotto
So good, you're going to need the biggest spoon you have!
Recipe: Fancy mini sandwiches
Here's something for the next time you're planning a party!
Recipe: Banana bread with sage and olive oil
A new twist for an old classic.

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