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Orc glam shots

Orc teeth and boredom make for the best glam shots!

I originally posted this on my social media yesterday, but I figured it turned out cool enough to share it here as well, so this will just be a short post with a couple of silly photos (I have a proper tag for these: #qualitycontent). My boyfriend was taking his video for the Pass the brush cosplay challenge dressed in his orc costume and I wanted to do a thing too. Since we can’t have LARP events right now (what is LARP? only the best geek hobby ever, see my post here) due to coronavirus and all these social distancing rules, I decided to reconnect with my inner orc in a slightly different way: orc glam shots!

Well, they’re not really orc shots, since I was a bit too lazy to put on my full orc costume, but I guess they could be Warcraftish half-orc shots? Anyway, I just went with my orc teeth and a necklace (made by ZurbagApproved), and I even busted out a metallic gold lipstick for extra glam points. This were the results:

What do you think? I think I just proved orc teeth can be pretty glam. 🙂

Also, if you’re a fan of J. R. R. Tolkien, then you should check out this: Andy Serkis, the man who played Gollum in the Lord of the Rings movies is reading the entire Hobbit book out loud today for charity. He’s even doing voices! <3 Here‘s the recording for those of you who didn’t tune in.

P.P.S.: Apparently I really need to make a proper orc glam shot someday, haha. Also, I have a geek stuff Pinterest board if you need a dose of geekiness right about now.

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6 responses to “Orc glam shots”

  1. Beautiful! I am going to get my Beloved implants!👹

    1. Hahaha maybe you can save on dentists then

  2. I checked. She wants “natural”

  3. Love your new glam teeth 😉

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