Wilsons promontory

The Prom = the place where I finally encountered a wild wombat!

Wilsons promontory is one of Australia‘s national parks, located at a peninsula southeast of Melbourne. Affectionately called “the Prom” by the locals, it is home to many wild animals, including wombats (!), and is considered the southernmost point of mainland Australia.

It actually takes about 3 hours to get to Wilsons promontory from Melbourne, but the drive is rather nice and very popular with bikers. The whole Prom area is quite large and populated with wallabies, emus, wombats, echidna, many different birds and other wildlife, so you will likely spot quite a lot of them by the side of the road. I was there for only one day, which is not nearly enough, but what I did see was breathtaking.

Impressions from Wilsons promontory

The area itself actually has quite a lot to offer: you can choose between several hikes, such as the short climb up Mt. Oberon and the Loo Errn Boardwalk track, or the long hikes, like the 19 km walk to the Sealer’s Cove beach or a day-long hike to the Lighthouse, where you can stay overnight in one of the small cabins. Apparently you can also see black swans in the northern part (Miller’s Landing) at the world’s southern-most mangroves and tons of bird life, sharks, seals, dolphins or even migrating whales at the Refuge Cove. The Norman Bay beach is also quite beautiful and there are several boat trip options along the coastline (you can check out more on their tourist website here).

Wilsons promontory is an extremely popular location with Australians and accommodations can be fully booked up to a year in advance during school holidays, but for some reason I did not see it on many “must-see in Australia” lists and I was not really planning to got there. That is, until my cousin, who was on a working holiday visa in Australia at the time, took a bombastic selfie with a wild wombat. Wombats are one of those special little critters, which are unique to Australia and ever since I’ve found out that wombats poop cubes, I’d wanted to meet them. They are also adorable in every possible way and can be quite deadly with their claws.

So, in Wilsons promontory, I finally got my wish and encountered several wild wombats, and my friend and I even found a wombat hole.

The wombat encounter

Note my “OMG WOMBATS!” face. 🙂

To avoid cluttering this post, you can read a bit more about how I ended up there, the epic journey to find the wild wombats and see the wombat hole video here. If nature is your thing, I’d say the Prom should definitely be on your list! It is unfortunately impossible to visit without a car though, so it would be best to rent one and even plan a multi-day visit if circumstances permit.

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