About me

In Carcassone, France.

Hi! My name is Petra and I am many things, but curious above all.

I was born and raised in Slovenia, a tiny European country, and I still believe in dragons and goodness. I’m a mechanical engineer by profession and a passionate traveller at heart, so I’m constantly looking to explore new places.

I don’t travel full-time and nor would I ever want to, because I love engineering and having a stable life, so I might be just like you. I love spending time in nature, particularly in forests of any kind, but I also love discovering all the secret spots in the cities, sticking my nose into abandoned buildings and visiting a good museum. I get grumpy when I haven’t been fed lots of delicious food and I consider distances up to 3 hours in one direction walkable, even though I curse myself for it halfway through.

Solo travelling, couchsurfing and generally travelling on my own terms in recent years has changed me in the most unexpected ways and taught me a lot about myself and others. As my experiences have been overwhelmingly positive, it has become my goal to restore a tiny bit of our collective faith in humanity through my travel stories. I want to inspire you to travel more, to go on your own unique journeys with an open mind and a flexible schedule and just let the world surprise you!

The Erratic Engineeress blog

Here is how it all began… My blog is primarily a travel blog, but it is also about everything else I like to do in life and includes my take on things, because having an opinion matters. You’ll find honest travel stories about all the amazing people I’ve met and the crazy things I’ve done in the travel section, as well as photo guides from all the places I’ve visited and my travel tips to help you plan your trips.

I also love to read, as I consider it a different form of travelling, so my blog comes with lots of literary quotes to set the mood. They might even inspire you to pick up a new book, so stay a while, it’s a 2 for 1 deal. If you would like to know more about me, you’re welcome to check out the Get to know me section or feel free to contact me and connect with me through social media. 🙂

“The world is out there and it’s incredible!”