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about me

My name is Petra and I am many things, but curious above all.

I come from Slovenia, a small chicken-shaped European country, and still believe in dragons and goodness. I’m a mechanical engineer by choice and a passionate traveller by nature, so I’m always trying out something new.

I don’t travel full-time and nor would I ever want to, because I like engineering and having a cosy, stable life with my partner. When I am not travelling or working on my PhD, I like to adventure in the kitchen, learn new languages and skills and read as many books as possible. I get grumpy when I haven’t been fed enough cheese, I prefer winter to summer, my feet are always cold and I walk everywhere. I am also quite clumsy, opinionated and my interests are, of course, erratic.

about my blog

My blog Erratic Engineeress started out as a travel blog in 2019 when I was a student living abroad, but is now also about all the other things in my life. I believe the art of storytelling and the written word itself are slowly becoming obsolete in our fast paced society, so I invite you to pause for a bit and share in whatever catches your interest. You will find travel posts and stories, think pieces, sustainable lifestyle and home renovation ideas, recipes, engineering posts, book recommendations, my impressionist poetry, geek stuff and just about everything else.

I want to inspire you (and myself) to be more spontaneous and also more consciously slow – to explore more, both abroad and at home, appreciate the present moment and consider your impact on the world while you do it. I hope that this blog will help you discover new favourite places, books and recipes and get you to contemplate some new ideas and perspectives.

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I look forward to meeting you!

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