About me

Hello and welcome!

My name is Petra and I am many things, but curious above all.

I come from Slovenia, a tiny chicken-shaped European country, and still believe in dragons and goodness. I’m a mechanical engineer by choice and a passionate traveller by nature, so I’m constantly looking to explore new places and ideas.

I’m here to show you that the world is not the dark, scary place we so often see on the news, but rather full of adventures and human kindness, and encourage you to see it like that too. I want to inspire you to explore more, both abroad and at home: to discover new favourite spots and cook something new, to read a new book, try a new hobby or concept, and preferably consider sustainability while you do it.

My blog Erratic Engineeress started out as a travel blog in 2019, but is now also about everything else in my life. You’ll find honest stories from my life and travels, photo impressions and travel tips to help you travel smoother, as well as a podcast and non-travel writings about food, sustainability, less waste lifestyle, book recommendations and just about everything else. I also create recipes, write weird impressionist poetry and occasional think pieces, because caring and having an opinion matters.

I don’t travel full-time and nor would I ever want to, because I like engineering and having a stable life, so I might be just like you. Chance encounters during my travels have taught me that it’s sometimes good to trust a stranger and that intellectual cynicism should always be tempered with positivity. I prefer winter to summer, my feet are always cold and I’m usually a sweaty mess by the time I reach my destination. I love spending time in nature, discovering all the secret city spots and sticking my nose into abandoned buildings.

When I’m not being a tourist, I like to adventure in my kitchen and read as many books as possible, with a mandatory cup of green tea or coffee. I get grumpy when I haven’t been fed enough cheese and I walk everywhere – I consider distances up to 3 hours in one direction totally walkable, but often end up cursing myself for it. Did I mention that I am also unnaturally clumsy, opinionated and of course, erratic? 🙂

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