Friends corner

“Some people care too much. I think it’s called love.” A. A. Milne – Winnie the Pooh

Besides me, there are also other awesome people on the Internet that deserve recognition for their work, so welcome to my Friends corner. Go check them out! 🙂


  • Cowboys from space – Matt collects personal stories about art, music and travel. He has a knack for getting people to open up and will help you write your story if you want to share it. He’s also an interesting person to talk to and the one who inspired me to create this Friends corner.
  • Brother’s campfire – Ben is writing an on-going medieval fantasy story set in the land of La Longi. Although his story is currently on pause, he is still sharing interesting updates from his life in the U.S. and actually featured a me-inspired character in one of his episodes. Of course she’s a cheese thief (see here)!
  • The Haps with Herb – Herb (who is in fact Ben’s father) writes a daily blog with interesting musings, thoughts, life updates and stories. He’s also one of my most loyal supporters, because he actually comments on almost every post, which I appreciate a lot!
  • Speckles of Time – My friend Stella’s eclectic and honest poetry blog. Come see!
  • Crazy Slovenian Travelers – Nina and Urban are super friendly and write about their couple travels to amazing places. Their blog is in Slovenian, but you can always use Google translate.
  • Dr Jam Travels – A travel blogger with lots of travel experience, who writes in Slovenian, English and Bosnian.


  • Zurbag Approved – My boyfriend’s Etsy handcrafts shop. Matic mostly works with wood and leather and sells historical board games, magic wands, LARP props and accessories. He also does beautiful custom stuff and obviously I’m a huge fan of his creations, because I get the best gifts!
  • Maniushka – Two of my geek master friends also have an Etsy shop. Manca and Urša sell gorgeous LARP and geek items: from fancy bottles, leather pouches and potion bottles, to jewellery, keychains and miniatures.
  • Jernejc leather & stuff – Jernej makes epic leather gear of all sorts, for LARP/geek purposes and your everyday needs.
  • Madam Bizarre – Another friend, another Etsy shop! Urša sells gorgeous tribal/oriental-inspired jewellery, costumes and dancing accessories. She’s also the driving force behind the Glam Squad Burlesque dancing group.
  • P&R Languages – Two of my friends co-run a language school and I promise you, they’re really good!


  • Nyradir – My friend Samo’s art page. He mainly draws epic fantasy figures, is open for commissions and occasionally draws a graphic or two for my blog too.
  • Green Rat – Tia makes dark and fluffy art in her own unique style and I think it’s awesome.
  • Peter Gaber – An academic Slovenian painter/illustrator friend who’s super good at Frisbee and go.
  • Ana Dujmović – Ana is the graphical designer friend who created the logo for my blog.
  • Mythical creaturologist – Imi is an artist on a mission to draw every single mythological beast out there! She’s doing one every day and her drawings are absolutely amazing.
  • Matt Hsu’s Obscure Orchestra – Matt is a really cool Australian one man band, my favourite couchsurfing host and a social activist. His last music album was published as a shirt, because he’s cool like that.
  • Clay Elej – Anja makes absolutely gorgeous ceramic pottery and I wish I could buy everything!

Content creators

  • Ana Travel – My friend Ana’s travel YouTube channel. She’s just starting out, but her videos are superb!
  • Lifestyle but not by Naya Lou – Naya is a pretty epic Greek lady with a beautiful voice and an interesting YouTube channel. Her Instagram is also worth a visit!
  • No smoothies please! – Anja creates amazing vegan, gluten free recipes for just about every dish out there on Instagram.
  • One and a half vegan – Timi and Donatas have a really informative, guilt-free sustainability podcast with simple tips for a more sustainable lifestyle.


Technically not friends, but really cool

  • Humanitarček – My favourite Slovenian humanitarian society, which primarily focuses on old people in need, but also the homeless and kids. They care too much and their projects and the stories behind them are heartbreaking, so if you ever want to donate to a random Slovenian society, these are the people who truly deserve it.
  • Joshua Wright, the man behind Slackwyrm – I love his lazy dragon comic so much, I feel like we’re friends. Unless he disagrees, this statement holds.