A day in the life

Have you ever noticed how many photos of unimportant things you take with your smartphone?

Most of us have become so used to the ability of just snapping a quick photo of an event or item we want to share with someone else, as a picture does tell a thousand words, that we don’t even realise how many such photos are cluttering our phones.

So, here’s a collection of mine. This blog has forced me to go through the backlog of both travel photos and the randomness in my phone storage, and some of the latter had turned out surprisingly good. All of them are strictly accidental photos of something I wanted to share with my friends and family at the time, accumulated over several years. I’ve done some editing to compensate for bad lighting, so they aren’t too horrible to look at, but they are otherwise unchanged and uncropped.

Together they tell a story of my daily life and reveal what was on my mind.

As you can see, my life is quite erratic (true to form) and apparently I like to procrastinate by decorating my habitat.

In light of this, I suggest you to take a look, you might be surprised by what’s hiding inside your phone and the memories it brings!

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