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Blog update: new stuff!

I’ve been pretty productive for my blog lately and, although I usually post all updates on social media, I’ve decided to write an update post here as well.

Guest posts

In the past few weeks I’ve written 3 new travel guest posts, so go read if you want to:

I’ve also made a page under the About me section where I’ll be keeping track of all my collaborations and features in other websites and you can check it out here.

BC Stack 2020

Since I spend so much time and effort on this blog, I’ve decided to try and monetize it a bit, so it would hopefully at least pay for itself. Don’t worry, I won’t be putting up paywalls or special content areas on my blog, but I am thinking of starting a Patreon account and adding a PayPal button for donations. Please buy me coffee when I do! I’ll probably offer some extra content or early access to some projects on my Patreon, but, since I do this for fun and because I believe I have something to share with you, most of it (definitely all the useful stuff) will eventually find its way here for free.

This is also why I’ve invested in this year’s BC Stack, a package of 65 blogging courses/online trainings etc., which will hopefully make my work simpler and smarter. When I get through them all I’ll post an honest review of what was cool and what was useless influencer/marketing guru pep talk in my opinion, so that those of you who might be considering buying the next year’s edition will have a reference point. So far it’s actually been pretty good!

It also included 100 free stock photos from Sage media marketing, which I actually love and you can see one of them in the cover of this post. Although I prefer to use my own photos (I do travel posts, after all) and always credit my friends if I use any of theirs, these will be super useful for more general posts like this one.


You might have noticed new blog updates sign up forms on my site this week. I’ve started using MailerLite, a service, which gives me control over the emails I send to my email subscribers. Those of you who subscribed through email, will now be getting fancy Newsletters from me every Wednesday. The rest of you who are following me through WordPress will continue to get the same update notifications as before. You’re welcome to subscribe to my new newsletter below though. 🙂

I don’t want to become one of those marketing-savy people with “you’ll get a free epic best ever resource if you subscribe to my email list”, so I won’t be trying to bait you into any of that. I’ll only send out a welcome email, updates every Wednesday and policy updates, or maybe another email if I’m working on something extra special at some point. However, I have decided to do an extra thing for my subscribers, which I’ll also post on my blog of course, and it will be a very goofy quiz titled “What kind of cheese are you?”. Because you know, I love cheese.

That is all.

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Buy me coffee if you like my work, I appreciate your support! (:

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  1. Good job ! 🙂

  2. Very cool. You’ve been hard at work.

    1. Fortune waits for noone.

  3. This is a great Blog update!

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