Ep. 2: The hut of sustainability

It’s the second World Engineering Day For Sustainable Development today and in this episode I had a chat about sustainable architecture with Manca Zupan, an architect and a fellow sustainability geek. We dived into all sorts of sustainable building practices for both homes and public buildings to give you an overview of what’s out there and what options you have if you want to make your living space greener. Don’t worry, we didn’t get super technical, but we did talk about energy efficiency, passive houses, how dragons are a potential fire hazard for green roofs, plastic roads, life cycle assessment and climate change mentality, so you might learn something new!

Go check out Manca’s awesome Etsy shop Maniushka while you’re at it: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Maniushka. She doesn’t make hats though. 🙂

References for this episode:
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P.S.: As you can see I’m making people wear hats if they have a guest episode.

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11 thoughts on “Ep. 2: The hut of sustainability

  1. About dragons on green roofs. My concern is that, since dragons are usually green, they could blend in with the foliage on the roof and be rendered invisible. They could then slyly wait for unsuspecting, eco-conscious nature-lovers to relax on the roof and POOF! (POOF means the nature-lovers are either incinerated or eaten.)

      1. I thought it was an oversight which is the only reason I mentioned it. The follow up sounds like a good idea. 😊

      2. You are right, we did not think things through! Let’s hope that not all green dragons are out to get eco-conscious people who love their green roofs. Perhaps we should think of adding some additional vegetation that is more colorful on our rooftops. But then we have a problem, if a rainbow dragon decides to occupy that roof. Hmm…I think a follow up episode is a must, Petra!

  2. I would urge every existing house owner to check for government programs for sustainable upgrades. The house I currently live in will get one next year and I can’t wait !

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