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Ep. 4: Cats and hats

In this episode I talked to Miša Bitenc Hernčič, a fellow Slovenian and blogger @letters_from_jeddah who followed her heart and moved to Saudi Arabia. Her stories and letters are always interesting and provide an honest and personal glimpse into life on the other side of the world, which is even more welcome now that we can’t travel as much.

We had a chat about adapting to a whole new culture, her relationship with her husband from Sudan, their daily life in Saudi Arabia and all the delicious food. She shared a bit about her content creation process and how she’s trying to educate her audience, smash unwarranted prejudice and portray the foreign culture and traditions with honesty and the respect they deserve. Also, she’s a real cat lady and has a special Instagram account dedicated to helping the local stray cats at her street corner and their catventures, so if you’re a cat lover, she’s your gal.

Check out Miša’s blog and social media channels and show her some love! You can also drop by at and share your thoughts on this episode.

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2 responses to “Ep. 4: Cats and hats”

  1. I found this interesting, and I was shocked by the part about the “inappropriate” dogs people were buying. Those poor creatures in that heat. It must be awful for them.

    1. Yes, people often don’t think beyond their nose. Thanks for listening!

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