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I’m starting a podcast!

And I’m launching it in November!

Today I can finally tell you what I’ve been working on in the past couple of weeks: I’m starting a podcast (because the blog wasn’t quite enough work yet)!

It doesn’t have an official name yet, but obviously, it’s going to be as erratic as my blog, and somewhat less serious, probably with tons of bad puns. 🙂 I’ve made a short “starting a podcast” announcement video below, but the gist of it is, that it will act as a supplement for my blog, featuring similar topics and interviews with awesome people.

I will be posting a series of related “making of” videos over the next couple of weeks, which will include presentations of all the people who are helping me create this podcast, as well as more details about the podcast itself and how it’s going to work. So, keep an eye out, and I hope you’ll like my podcast!

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4 responses to “I’m starting a podcast!”

  1. I’m impressed. I look forward to the puns!

  2. I have always wondered about pod casting. I can’t wait to find out all about yours.

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