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Impressions #4: Clean up

Sometimes when I get a random surge of creativity, I write short impressionist poems/thoughts. Here’s the fourth one, which you can also find in my new Impressions ebook:

Clean up

History, knowledge, philosophy. Forms and rules and equations. Contradicting opinions, family values, cultural norms.

Expectations, ambitions, wishes, wants, needs.

Clutter, clutter, clean up.

Your mind is a living space, not a storage.

P.S.: Remember that you can also buy my Impressions ebook with more such poems and thoughts HERE.

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4 responses to “Impressions #4: Clean up”

  1. I like the advice. Well spoken. Get the clutter out.

      1. 🤠🔥Absolutely. I am fortunate to have met you, Petra. You are an amazing person!

      2. Thanks Ben, same to you of course!

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