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Impressions #7: Wisdom

I’ve had 2 of my wisdom teeth taken out today, so here’s a quarter-life crisis in an Impressions poem. 2 more teeth to go!


Just wait till you grow up, they said.
Things will make sense, you’ll see.

Go to work and drown in a coffee cup, they say now.
I wish I was still a child, clueless and free.

But now the world’s gone mad,
they’re killing the trees and saving the bees, 
and they’re taking out my wisdom teeth, 
because they’re so wise they grow sideways.

I’d like a little less wisdom with my coffee today, please.

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2 responses to “Impressions #7: Wisdom”

  1. Love it! Hope you are feeling OK after your dental work.

    1. Thank you! It went surprisingly well, so I’m feeling almost totally ok after 4 days.

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