Live dragon attack from our terrace

The people of snow castle lived in cold and harmony. Then everything changed when the dragons attacked.

Guess what? It snowed in Ljubljana, and not just a dash of useless snowflakes. No, we actually got proper 15 centimetres of snow this time, so my boyfriend and I built a snow castle…and of course I had to ad dragons and make a very modern, adult fairy tale (#qualitycontent). Enjoy! 🙂

P.S.: Do you recognise the quote?

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9 thoughts on “Live dragon attack from our terrace

  1. Of course I recognize the quote. “Once upon a time” is a very common way for a fairy tale to start. Stupid drunken dragons, anyway. Always gotta be eating the snow people.

      1. Oh yeah, Avatar the Last Airbender. When you’re told, it suddenly makes sense.

        I love the snow castle & the mighty dragons! What an exhausting day for them, don’t blame them heading off early for a snooze.

        Caz xx

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