The city with my favourite museum!

München or Munich is the capital of Bavaria, a landlocked German federal state. It is famous for the annual Oktoberfest, the massive beer-drinking festival, and features my favourite museum of all times, the Deutsches Museum. In fact, that is basically all this very limited guide to München will cover, because I haven’t been there in a while. Sorry, not sorry, because this museum is absolutely epic. 🙂

The German museum is the world’s largest science and technology museum and it is so massive, they offer annual and 2-day tickets, as even 2 days is not nearly enough to fully see everything. I’ve been three times so far, always with my parents. It was visiting it as a child that inspired my decision to go into engineering and I have not looked back since. I remember hysterically crying in the massive hall with the boat during my first visit, because the museum was closing and I was not ready to leave yet, it was that good. Everyone thought it was hilarious, but I promise you, my world was ending. That said, while München does have a lovely old town and much more to offer than just the museum, all of my 2010 photos are of the museum exhibits, because priorities.

The best museum ever

The Deutsches museum features exhibitions on 50 fields of science and technology, covering everything from the textile industry to space exploration, so it is about everything you have ever wanted to know. There is an oil well spanning across several floors in the lobby, a giant two-mast ship in the basement and plenty of aircrafts. It is also being constantly updated with the typical German efficiency, so I am well overdue for another visit, where I might even take some other photos and see some other sights. Or not, who am I kidding?

Go see this museum! 🙂

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