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Review: Photowall printed poster

My experience with Photowall and a review of their printed poster (+ discount code).

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored review post, which means I got the product I’m reviewing for free. All opinions in this post are my own and I don’t profit from the discount code in any way. See full disclaimer here.

I was recently contacted by Photowall, a Swedish company, which sells wall decorations. As a blogger I get contacted by a lot of companies that want to send me products in exchange for reviews, but I’m quite picky about it, because I don’t want to have and advertise just any junk out there and I care about the sustainability aspect as well. However, I took a look at Photowall and really liked what I saw, so I decided to accept their offer and got to choose a product for free in exchange for this review.

Photowall makes gorgeous wall art: wallpapers, murals, canvas prints and posters, all made to order and digitally printed right there in Sweden. They offer a huge selection of beautiful motives and you can even order wall art with your own image, which their team will prep for you. To be honest, I never really considered wallpaper as something for the 21st century, until I saw the photos on their website and now I’m sorely tempted to transform my bedroom into an exotic forest.

However, since I currently live in a rented flat, I chose a printed poster. As an engineer I naturally ended up with an airplane mechanical drawing and I love it! The order process was smooth and simple – you get to choose the size of your product and adjust the image to fit as you want, and with posters you can either choose to order a hanger as well or not. My package arrived within a few days and I really liked that it included everything needed to hang the poster, including a nail for the wall. It also included a clear DIY plan of assembly even for something as simple as a poster with hangers, so you should be fine even if you normally get a screw stuck up your nose when you’re assembling furniture at home. 🙂

The poster I received is printed on a thick, quality paper and all the details in the print are clear and beautiful. The wooden hangers are also quite well made according to my craftsman boyfriend, so I would say that the overall product is worth the price they’re asking as there is a definite feel of quality to the whole thing.

If you would like to order your own product from Photowall, you can use my discount code for 25% OFF any product upon check out:

erraticengineeress25 (valid until the 11th of January 2021)

Here are a couple of other socially responsible details that convinced me to accept this collaboration with Photowall and write this review:

  • Their extensive environmental policy: among other things, Photowall uses biodegradable printing ink and recycled material for their wrapping. My order came in a cardboard box with almost no plastic and the poster was wrapped in thick brown paper that I later reused for Christmas gifts + the ink actually had a different smell than the usual chemical freshly printed smell (yes, I sniffed at it, because I was curious if a biodegradable ink smells any different).
  • Locally manufactured products in Sweden, made to order to reduce waste (they even list the company that recycles their production waste).
  • Bonus points for free standard delivery everywhere.
  • They also have a magazine with cool tips for interior decoration and as you might imagine, I particularly liked this article about sustainable decorating.

Now, how do you feel about wall art? Do you prefer your walls bare or barely visible?


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8 responses to “Review: Photowall printed poster”

  1. I was lucky enough to have my first ever gift to review from Photowall. Aren’t they brilliant? I was also impressed by the eco friendly packaging and the stunning art. I smile every time I look at my canvas.

    1. This was also the first one I actually decided to accept. It’s brilliant really, I was kind of surprised how well they made and designed something as simple as a poster.

      1. I mean, because you would think that it’s a pretty straightforward product, but I liked how they put a lot of thought into the hangers and environmental production.

      2. Yes, I was a bit nervous of stretching a canvas myself but it was fine

  2. Well, I shall head over there directly to check out their website. I liked the way you reviewed it but, well, okay, it’s a poster, but was it all pros? Were there no cons? Just curious.

    1. Surprisingly there were actually no cons or I would’ve mentioned it. And yes, it’s just a poster, but I really liked the way they paid attention to all the details and I was really impressed with how you can make something as simple as a poster so well. Like, there’s this little piece of wood that goes in the wooden hangers in between the hanger and the paper, so you’re not tightening the screws directly on the paper. It’s these little design bits that were the highlight for me.

      1. Well that’s really cool. I did visit their site but at the moment I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention. I’ll visit them when I can, they sound like a good company.

      2. Haha maybe during better financial days then. They are a bit on the pricy side

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