Throwback to Inktober 2018

I’m back after a short blogging break due to health issues and starting up again slowly. Since it’s October, it’s time for Inktober and here’s a throwback to my Inktober 2018.

Inktober is a yearly ink drawing challenge where you draw a doodle every day in October, based on a daily prompt. This year I’m doing a poem/story thing per day and I will eventually post all of them here, but that got me thinking about the last proper Inktober I did when I was still living in Sweden. I couldn’t find all of my drawings from Inktober 2018, but here are the ones I could find:

Also, my friend Matt and I are collecting Inktober submissions in an online publication here. If you want to join, we have a weekly prompt word (the first word is fish) and we’d be happy to post your creative submission at the end of the week. It can be anything: a drawing, digital art, a story, a poem, a video… Knock yourself out and let me know. 🙂 You don’t even need a Medium account, because we can add it for you, with credits to you as author of course.

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