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You can now find my blog on Bloglovin’!

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As of today you can now also find me and my blog on Bloglovin’, a platform similar to the ex Google Reader, which makes it easier to read all your favourite blogs in one place.

It essentially acts as a blog feed for multiple blogs, showing you all posts from the blogs you’re following in your home feed. You can read everything in one place and don’t need to click on email links or check the websites to see and read the new posts from your favourite blogs. The blog post views are counted towards the view total of the actual blog website, so you’re still contributing to my traffic and supporting my blog, not a third party. It just makes it more convenient to read posts and stay up to date with your favourite blogs, so give it a go!

Click on the button below to find my blog:

P.S.: As you can see I got myself a personalised Erratic Engineeress coffee box, so I can now officially say that my blog is fuelled by coffee – most of us engineers are. 🙂 If you’re from Slovenia you can get your own here.

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3 responses to “You can now find my blog on Bloglovin’!”

  1. Is that an app?

    1. It’s a platform online that let’s you follow blogs and then puts all their posts in one main feed for you. So basically it’s like the WordPress reader, but also for blogs off WordPress so people can have everything in one place and don’t need to click on different websites to catch up with all the posts. I think it’s a pretty cool idea, but a bit buggy.

      1. I will look for it on a websearch instead of the app store. Thanks for the insight!

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