Ep. 1: What makes us happy

Welcome to the first official Erratic hat episode! Since we’ve all had a rather strange pandemic year, I wanted to start this podcast on a positive hat, so let’s dive into the concept of happiness.

What makes us happy? The ultimate life question and also life’s purpose according to Aristotle. As my first act of creating this podcast, I asked some of my friends to tell me what makes them happy – no deep thoughts, just straight off the bat answers. Their choices were rather interesting, as is our conflicting perception of happiness in everyday life, so in this episode I’m sharing some thoughts and explanations about happiness. What makes you happy? Come share in the comments at my blog erraticengineeress.com

References for this episode:
Aristotle – Nicomachean Ethics

Yale’s course The Science of Well-being
Dan Gilbert’s TED talk: The Surprising Science of Happiness
M. Wiking: The Little Book of Hygge

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