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Welcome to the Erratic hat podcast!

This podcast is currently on pause because of time constraints. I’ll let you know if and when it gets back!

My name is Petra and I’ll be sharing conversations with interesting people, solo episodes and stupid hat puns every 4 weeks or so. You can expect lifestyle, travel, food, sustainability and a bit of everything else. Since a hat is something that goes on to your head, I want this podcast to go INTO your head, so you’re welcome to drop by in the comments under the episodes or on my social media and let me know what you think. Hopefully this will become your new favourite hat and that you’ll discover a new fit for your thoughts!

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Ep. 5: Hats off for creativity Erratic Hat podcast

In the fifth episode my guest was Devika Mathur, a poet from India. She recently published her first book of surrealistic poetry called Crimson Skins, which was featured among my Erratic book Wednesdays reading recommendations, and has lots of other works available on her blog, social media and in various literary magazines. She’s also quite active in the writing community and curates a wonderful newsletter about poetry and mindfulness, so she was a joy to talk to. We talked about poetry, the importance and often overlooked necessity of creativity and inspiration in our lives and of course, her book. She shared all about how she got started with surrealistic poetry and why she chose that particular style, her writing process, where she finds inspiration and how she came to be a published author. We also talked about the place poetry holds in our society and how it has changed over the years, as well as some advice for new writers and artists. Devika even read one of her poems for this episode, so if you’re passionate about the creative process, this one is for you. Come check out Devika’s work on her blog and social media and show her some love! You can also drop by at and share your thoughts on this episode. Devika’s book Crimson Skins: Instagram: Blog: Newsletter: The post Ep. 5: Hats off for creativity appeared first on Erratic engineeress.
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