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My name is Petra and I’ll be sharing conversations with interesting people, solo episodes and stupid hat puns every 3-4 weeks. You can expect topics such as travel, food, lifestyle, sustainability and everything else. Since a hat is something that goes on to your head, I want this podcast to go INTO your head, so feel free to drop by my blog Erratic Engineeress or my social media and let me know what you think about the issues in the episodes. Hopefully this will become your new favourite hat and that you’ll discover a new fit for your thoughts!

Ep. 2: The hut of sustainability Erratic Hat podcast

It's the second World Engineering Day For Sustainable Development today and in this episode I had a chat about sustainable architecture with Manca Zupan, an architect and a fellow sustainability geek. We dived into all sorts of sustainable building practices for both homes and public buildings to give you an overview of what's out there and what options you have if you want to make your living space greener. Don't worry, we didn't get super technical, but we did talk about energy efficiency, passive houses, how dragons are a potential fire hazard for green roofs, plastic roads, life cycle assessment and climate change mentality, so you might learn something new! Go check out Manca's Etsy shop Maniushka while you're at it. She doesn't make hats though. References for this episode: My sustainability posts at erraticengineeress.blog, Heat pumps explained – The Engineering Mindset on YouTube, Solar FREAKIN' roadways! on YouTube, The opportunities of solar panel recycling – GreenMatch, Study: Plastic Use in Asphalt Pavements Showing Promising Results, Ecochain life cycle assessment (LCA) guide The post Ep. 2: The hut of sustainability appeared first on Erratic engineeress.
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