Ep. 0: Welcome to the Erratic hat podcast

It’s ALIIVEE (well, technically, because this is a trailer episode)! Welcome to the zero episode of the Erratic hat podcast, where I’ll be sharing conversations with interesting people, solo episodes and stupid hat puns every 3-4 weeks. You can expect topics such as travel, food, lifestyle, sustainability and everything else. Since a hat is something that goes on to your head, I want this podcast to go INTO your head, so feel free to drop by the comments on my blog Erratic Engineeress or my social media and let me know what you think about the issues discussed in the episodes. Hopefully this will become your new favourite hat and that you’ll discover a new fit for your thoughts!

P.S.: I did promise to launch in January 2021 and it is still technically January here, so yaay for accountability! Full length episodes coming soon.

P.P.S.: Huge thanks to everyone who helped with the making of this podcast and of course to those of you who are listening as well!

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9 thoughts on “Ep. 0: Welcome to the Erratic hat podcast

    1. Wooho, thank you! I was planning to launch with 3 full length episodes, but time got away from me. Also, the podcast is now registered with all the major directories like Spotify etc! Might take them some hours to show up though

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