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As stated in the About me section, I could say I am a lot of things, so this is going to be a quick bullet points list to tell you a bit more about me. 🙂

I am:

  • a mechanical engineer, working on a PhD in Tribology
  • a passionate traveller, who tries to avoid irresponsible tourism
  • a professional bookworm, who reads way too fast, loves fantasy (J.R.R. Tolkien…) and the classics such as Dostojevski, but hates Joyce
  • a geekette: I love all kinds of fantasy, sci-fi (Star Trek…) and board games
  • a LARP (live-action-roleplaying) GM (game master and organiser), co-running a LARP group based in Slovenia
  • hopelessly clumsy
  • a beginner fire spinner (I picked up a new hobby while living in Luleå, Sweden)
  • not the greatest people person, but I can mingle with the best of them if needed
more about me
I am also always precariously balancing my work and my countless interests (from Gotland, Sweden, taken by E. Bezek).

I love:

  • languages (I aim to be fluent in at least 10 before I die, current progress: Slovenian, Serbo-croatian, English, German, learning Swedish, a bit of French)
  • food! in all shapes and sizes, preferably in large quantities
  • cheese! (yes, I know it’s food, but it has a special place in my heart stomach)
  • animals (the bigger and fluffier the better, I used to have a guinea pig and I went to Australia just to see the wombats)
  • dragons! (as far as I am concerned, they qualify for the above category)
  • philosophy (partial to Nietzsche, although I do not necessarily agree with him, forever lacking the time to focus and read more)
  • green tea
  • rain
  • abandoned buildings and old tech (see my urbex posts here)
  • dancing (flamenco, lindy hop and pole dance back in the day)
Piko, the best guinea pig ever, who never drank water and still lived for 6 years. I guess vegetables really have a high water content.

I hate:

  • pineapples with a passion you would not believe
  • small talk (there is only so many times I can introduce myself and go through the motions at a party)
  • excuses and people who do not do their part or break promises
  • burning out or getting sick, because life is too short and too interesting

I try:

  • to do one new thing every day, even if it is just trying out a new spice combination while cooking
  • to always do too much at once
  • to control my erratic temper
  • to reduce my waste, reuse and recycle as much as I can

I’ve tried:

  • skydiving in Australia
  • weird types of meat (crocodile, kangaroo, reindeer, moose, snake, crickets…)
  • hitchhiking and couchsurfing (highly recommend, but stay safe!)
  • looking for weird animals in the rainforest at night
  • target practice shooting for about a year
Not sure if you can tell, but this is a giant cricket-grasshopper thingie (from Port Douglas, Australia).

I collect:

  • beer coasters (planning to cover up my future kitchen ceiling)
  • postcards (everyone needs a real live travel wall)
  • useful souvenirs (80% of my wardrobe is international at this point)
  • make up products I never have time to use

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