Hat education

People of the web, today I present to you another one of my derpy podcast “making of” videos. However, I also have some news:

The launch of my Erratic hat podcast is postponed until January 2021.

Unfortunately life, health and my PhD got in the way, as I haven’t been able to do much for my blog or podcast in the past month or so. So, I’ve decided to postpone the launch from November to January 2021. This gives me enough time to deliver something I’ll be proud of and we’ll all get to start the new year off the right way: with an erratic hat. 🙂 In the meantime, let’s learn a bit about hats with my creative director Eva:

Attribution: This video builds upon screen recordings taken from Wikipedia on 12th of September 2020, which allows resharing and reuse of its material under the GDFL and CC-BY-SA license with attribution. Images in this video are used on Wikipedia as part of the public domain or under CC-BY-SA licenses. Links to individual images and their attributes can be found on the following Wikipedia pages that were used in the video: List of hat styles, List of headgear, Pointed hat.

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6 thoughts on “Hat education

  1. You missed the most important, my favorite kind, the cowboy hat. Or cowgirl hat. Sometimes simply called the Western Hat.

    1. Yeah, I postponed it. I was planning to upload all the proper audio podcast episodes by the start of November, but I wasn’t able to do it. So January it is. These videos are just the ‘making of’ journey.

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