Impressions #3: Drunk

Sometimes when I get a random surge of creativity, I write short impressionist poems/stories. Here’s the third one:

Can you be drunk on inspiration? Drunk on ideas, fresh vibes and elation? Drunk like a child on first snow day.

Can you be drunk on caring? Drunk on love, desire and sharing? Drunk like a boy after first kiss.

Can you be drunk on ambition? Drunk on power, success and recognition? Drunk like a man after first sale.

Can you be drunk on grief? Drunk on loss, madness and unbelief? Drunk like a husband who’s wife died first.

You can be drunk from life or a jar, so should we ever be driving a car?

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8 thoughts on “Impressions #3: Drunk

      1. Honestly, ever since I know how cars are designed and manufactured, I’ve become fairly fatalistic. Goes double for airplanes too, the procedure of airplane maintenence is enough to make anyone afraid of flying. 🤣 ‘Most failures occur because a part was incorrectly preventively replaced.’

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