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My podcast has a name now

Introducing THE ERRATIC HAT podcast – a new fit for your thoughts.

Here’s the next update about my upcoming podcast: it now has a name! As promised I’m posting a series of videos about my “starting a podcast” journey and the people who are helping me with it, so this next one features Eva, my best friend and creative director. She helped me brainstorm for a good name and a slogan, because unfortunately The Erratic podcast already exists and Erratic Engineeress podcast sounds too long and too clunky. You can check out our antics and weird ideas in the video below, featuring us wearing two hats each:

As you can see, Eva is so involved in this whole podcast process, that in a way this is actually our podcast, so don’t get confused when you hear me saying “we” in the video. Although she is my go to person for brainstorming, idea proofing and content reviews, I am the one who’ll be doing the podcast and I already have some more details figured out:

  • In case I haven’t mentioned that before, it’s going to be an audio podcast, because videos are too stressful and podcasts are usually audio only anyway.
  • I’m planning to have both interviews with interesting people about their work and projects, and solo episodes with social commentary, discussions etc. If you would like to have an interview episode, you’re welcome to contact me and we can arrange something!
  • All of the episodes are going to be 30 minutes or less, because ain’t nobody got time for longer episodes! Also, I don’t think anyone would listen to me ramble on for longer than that. 🙂
  • As I said in the first post, I’ll be launching the podcast in November and I’m also going to start a Patreon account for those of you who might want to support my work. I don’t have an exact launch date yet, but I’m planning to launch with 1 intro episode and 4 proper ones. Since I need to do something in terms of bonus content for my Patreon, I’ll be giving my patrons early access to my podcast episodes, so I’ll be launching with 3 episodes available here on my blog and on the podcast apps for free and 2 extra ones on my Patreon account.
  • I’m planning to release an episode every 3 weeks or so, depending on what I decide by November, so I will be releasing one of the episodes from Patreon out here on the blog and in the podcast apps for free and adding a new one on Patreon as early access every 3 weeks or so after November.

What do you think of this plan and my new podcast name? Let me know in the comments below or on social media. 🙂 More details to come in future posts, and also more videos related to the next stages of starting a podcast: you’ll meet the person who made the music for my podcast intro thing and the artist who is going to draw me a logo image.

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13 responses to “My podcast has a name now”

  1. I think you were having a little too much fun. It sounds good so far.

    1. There’s no such thing as too much fun!

      1. lolz. You’re probably right. Will you be doing an episode on cheese? My wife had two questions after I explained you were our redheaded stepchild. One, she wanted to know why you would do the thing in English and also, since Ben wrote you into a couple of his episodes (I think) are you a Cheesehead?

      2. Yes, there will probably be more than one episode about cheese, because I obviously love cheese. And because there are only 2 million Slovenians, so there’s no point in doing a podcast or a blog in Slovene, too small audience and too many other creators out there. English is kind of the universal language at this point, right? 😁 Say hi to your wife!

      3. She says, “Hi!” She said that you are her daughter now, too. But she won’t make you the redheaded stepchild.

  2. Can not wait to hear your podcasts! You are right, no such thing as too much fun.

  3. Erratic Hat… Perhaps I will wear a few on honor of your podcast. I was scrolling and it looks like you got adopted or something.

    1. It would seem so!

      1. Does that make you a sister?

      2. Depends. Blogging families are weird, right 😁

      3. Bad joke. Depends are what the incontinent smell like.

      4. You’re right, that was bad. 😂

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