A heart-warming glimpse into a simpler past.

Murjek is a tiny village in the Norrbotten (North Bothnia) region in the north of Sweden. As per the latest survey in 2005, it had 83 inhabitants and is notable only as a transit point on the way to Sarek national park or Jokkmokk. However, it turned out to be one of my favourite Swedish travel finds, as happiness can sometimes be found in the most unlikeliest places.

Like many places, even Murjek hides a gem – the train station. The station house is a cute, tiny building, which also serves as a convenience store with a one-shelf apothecary, a cafe and a post office in the form of post boxes for the whole village, mounted on the wall instead of mailboxes at individual houses.

It’s run by an elderly couple, the coffee comes in real ceramic cups with a smile, and there is even a small book exchange table, both in Swedish and in English. Life at Murjek has truly stopped about 50 years ago and it would be a shame if it ever restarted.

Impressions of Murjek

Getting there: The Murjek train station is right on the way from Luleå or Boden to Kiruna and Jokkmokk, so you will likely have to change your train or bus here. If not, you can always get off or see it through the train window as you pass by.

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