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My life in wintertime

I’m working on a new Erratic hat “making of” video and trying to record my actual podcast, so I made something stupid in between as well.

Enjoy! #qualitycontent

I’m one of those people whose feet are always cold and during winter I’m cold 24/7. It doesn’t really matter if I’m living in Slovenia at 0°C or in Sweden at -30°C, I’m just cold. At some point I accidentally on purpose bought a really warm synthetic bear suit in the UK and this has been my life during the colder months ever since. 🙂

P.S.: Yes, I occasionally wear glasses, although I usually wear contact lenses.


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17 responses to “My life in wintertime”

  1. I will be by to check it out!

    1. Haha, I really need to enable the option to read in this thing l!

      1. Do you mean your website?

      2. No in the reader

      3. Oh. PC or Phone?

      4. Both, currently the WordPress reader says that you need to visit my website to read posts.

      5. Oh… Yes. This is a website setting.

      6. Herb Thiel can help you with this very likely. You will get a lot more visitors.

      7. Yeah, I’ll find it somewhere, thanks!

      8. I forgot which page it is on. It has the verbiage right on it .

      9. I think I found it!

      10. 🤠🔥😁😁😁😁

  2. You layer up in almost exactly the same way as my partner. I should get her a bear suit for Christmas 😉

    1. Bear suits for everyone! I’m assuming you’re familiar with the cold feet in bed syndrome as well then?

      1. Way too familiar 😉

  3. I have a comfy bear suit for winter too! And I live in Texas where it doesn’t get nearly that cold in the winter. 😄. But I love it and it keeps me toasty!
    Take care
    Suzanne 🌷

    1. Bear suits are the best no matter the actual temperature. Thanks for stopping by!

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