My life in wintertime

I’m working on a new Erratic hat “making of” video and trying to record my actual podcast, so I made something stupid in between as well.

Enjoy! #qualitycontent

I’m one of those people whose feet are always cold and during winter I’m cold 24/7. It doesn’t really matter if I’m living in Slovenia at 0°C or in Sweden at -30°C, I’m just cold. At some point I accidentally on purpose bought a really warm synthetic bear suit in the UK and this has been my life during the colder months ever since. 🙂

P.S.: Yes, I occasionally wear glasses, although I usually wear contact lenses.

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17 thoughts on “My life in wintertime

  1. I have a comfy bear suit for winter too! And I live in Texas where it doesn’t get nearly that cold in the winter. 😄. But I love it and it keeps me toasty!
    Take care
    Suzanne 🌷

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