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My selection of wanderlust songs

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Luleå today and I should be doing some Uni work, but I am procrastinating with this blog instead. I’m also listening to music as always, so I thought I’d share some of my favourite wanderlust inspiring songs, which always transport me to faraway lands and make me want to pack my backpack.

Faun – Federkleid

Probably my favourite of them all, makes me feel like a bird for some reason, as if I could just float away with the music…

Eivør – Í Tokuni

One for late night wonderings, the singer is from the Faroe islands (I hope to visit there soon!) and their language is incredible.

Fairuz – Wahdon

A middle eastern magic one by a Lebanese singer, which was first recommended to me by my Egyptian classmate. It kind of makes me smell the spices and want to slow down with a good cup of coffee.

Lisa Ekdahl – Bortom det blå

A Swedish favourite of mine: I first stumbled upon her songs while learning to dance Lindy hop, her Vem vet song was in every playlist and became my song to dance to. I’ve since used her songs to support my Swedish learning and her lyrics are surprisingly nice.

La Shica – Limosna de amores

One by the classiest Spanish lady I’ve ever seen, I can almost feel the Andalusian sun and smell the wild flowers again.

Tygroo – Balkan Blues Box

A bit of an out of place song, considering the previous ones, by a Czech band, who are some of the funniest guys ever. Me and a friend saw them twice at the Floating castle festival in Slovenia and this song takes me right back to that specific, laid back vibe.

It’s a bit of a random selection, but they are all both mellow and exciting enough to be the perfect background for travel planning. And I’ve just realised none of them are in English or Slovenian, so perhaps it’s not surprising that they make me want to travel?

Let me know your favourite wanderlust songs in the comments. 🙂

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