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Nomadic things (guest post by M. Yousri)

Here’s a short guest post from my Egyptian MSc classmate, Mohamed Yousri, written about travelling for his blog, Just Before Breathing. I really liked this paragraph and his magical description of travelling, so he agreed to post it here as well. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

We’ve all heard since we were young about the feeling of belonging to a place, to the extent of not being able to survive anywhere else for long. People who feel this are very lucky indeed, however, the more I get to know myself, the more I realise that I was born with the antithesis of this feeling, a passionate flame and yearning for wandering this earth like a stranger in a strange land. I find myself when I’m lost in the midst of places and faces I’ve never known of, in train stations and airplanes. With every new culture I unravel, a magical aura of maturity, experience and understanding of this world is added to who I am. And as I get to realise that this world is not as scary as we think it is, I feel like I belong to the whole of it.

Mohamed Yousri
Mohamed Yousri

Mohamed is a fellow engineer working with numerical simulations in Tribology. He’s also a great partner for deep philosophy debates and a huge Liverpool FC fan.

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