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Treetop walk in Rogla

Face to face with tall spruce trees.

The Treetop walk Pohorje in Rogla is a surprisingly interesting new view tower-platform hybrid in northeastern Slovenia. It was built only recently in 2019, but it has quickly become quite popular, and with good reason.

The walk starts at the top of Rogla mountain (1517 m above sea level), which is a popular ski resort during winter and a hiking hotspot in the summer. You can either hike up or drive to the top and leave your car at the free parking lot, but it can be hard to find a free space during the high season. There are several hotels, restaurants, educational trails for kids and a ski luft, which is also operational during the summer. You’ll also find a very modern church, some suggestively shaped wooden mushroom statues and lots of cows.


From Rogla you can hike to a couple of nearby mountains and hills, but after visiting, I really think you shouldn’t miss the Treetop walk. The entrance is located close to the parking lot and the ticket will set you back 10 € per person.

The whole panoramic walk consists of raised platform walkways and a 37 m high spiraling view tower at the end. It’s called the Treetop walk, because you’re actually walking at tree height, particularly in the first section. That part of Slovenia is known for its tall, majestic spruce trees and standing face to face with them is quite a feeling – even more so for me, because I’m small. 🙂

Along the way you’ll find signs with information about the local flora and fauna, as well as (super scary) adventure rope sections at 24 m above ground. You may or may not know this, but I have an apprehension of heights. It’s not fear, because I still get up there and enjoy it, but I am extremely uncomfortable looking down through netted surfaces for some reason. I’m reasonably fine with standing on glass or looking down from a cliff, but give me see through crisscrossed metal stairs and I’m frozen stiff.

Anyhow, I gathered the courage to sit on the rope section and pose for a photo but I refused to walk on it.

The walk ends at the top of the view tower, which has a really cool design and a quirk: you can slide down through a 40 m tunnel slide, which costs additional 2 €. It’s metal though, so you get your own felt pillow to avoid burning your butt. I didn’t get to try it when I was there, because the waiting line was so long my boyfriend and I decided to skip it.

Despite the height, the walk is super easy, with low inclines, and completely wheelchair accessible. The total distance is about 1km and any reasonably fit adult and even small kids should be able to do it.

The treetop walk

You can find similar panoramic constructions also in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic, and they all have similarly interesting designs. Personally, I love the idea and I was surprised how exciting the experience actually was. I expected nice views like from all view towers, but walking with the treetops at eye level is a whole new change of perspective that brings unexpected freshness, because the world really does look different from up there.

How about you, have you ever been on a treetop walk or something similar? Share in the comments below.

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7 responses to “Treetop walk in Rogla”

  1. That sounds beautiful. I would like the rope bridge, I think. Very beautiful country. It made me think of a place here in Colorado called Devil’s Head trail which goes up to a US Forest Service fire lookout tower.

    1. Ooh, this looks awesome too!

      1. It was a really neat experience. the tower was used to spot fires in the wilderness and get someone dispatched quickly so it has a really panoramic view.

  2. Nope, You couldn’t get me to sit on there. I might climb to the top like you did.. but you are braver than me. I would just take a peek and down I go.

    1. Haha yes, it’s pretty high.

  3. I love it! Sliding down would be a blast. Maybe next time.

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