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Yo, I’m on the radio!

I had a chat about sustainability with two fellow engineers in Sweden.

While I was exploring southern Sweden my path led me to Göteborg, where I was couchsurfing with the guys from One and a half vegan. Timi and Donatas are also fellow engineers, who run a radio show about sustainability on the K103 Göteborgs student radio and they invited me to be their guest in one of the episodes.

The whole thing was a bit impromptu, as we’d only decided to do it a few days before, but I’d say we managed quite well despite some technical difficulties – I know I had fun doing it. It was mostly based on my recent blog post about how travelling with less waste can save you money, which you can find here, but we also touched upon some other topics, so go give it a listen below (it’s in English)!

Obligatory after show selfie.

If you are interested in living a sustainable lifestyle or if you just realised you should probably know more about it, I can promise you that their other stuff is also quite interesting and that they actually fact-check as much as they can. I particularly like the fact that they deliver their content in a non-preachy, informative way, without any guilt tripping, and despite the name it is not aimed at vegans in particular. They are genuinely just trying to spread awareness and encourage us towards a more sustainable living, like adopting small, feasible lifestyle changes through their “change of the week” suggestions at the end of the show.

So, thanks for having me on the show guys and I’ll hopefully see you again soon!


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