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Ep. 3: You can leave your hat on

In this episode I spoke to Donatas Kveselys, a fellow engineer who’s going to be the next big thing in stand up comedy. He’s Lithuanian, but he’s currently living in Sweden, which is where we met when I was couchsurfing with him and his flatmate in Gothenburg. Since I was a guest on their sustainability radio show, One and a Half Vegan, I invited Donatas to bring a little humour into my podcast.

We did a deep dive into stand up comedy: material creation process, what’s funny in different countries and cultures, advice for new stand up comics, Donatas’s plans for the future, Lithuania and of course, corona. We also discussed what’s (in)appropriate to make fun of, so if you’re uncomfortable with dark humour like suicide jokes, please consider this a content warning.

Check out Donatas’s YouTube channel and Instagram and show him some support! You can also drop by at and share your thoughts on this episode.


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10 responses to “Ep. 3: You can leave your hat on”

  1. Well done. You kept my attention the whole 30 minutes!

    1. Thank you! Interesting topics work I guess

      1. Well, that helps. It was interesting to learn about how stand up comedy works in relation to demographic.

        It was also good to learn about 300 hairy bears.

      2. Haha yeah, that one is a winner with non Slovenians

      3. I will try recording that in a Colorado accent.

  2. That’s really interesting about the suicide rates. That surprised me.

    1. There has to be something about small countries.

  3. Naya

    Greek roosters speak Slovenian!

    1. That’s awesome!

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